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K9 GI-Aid

K9 GI-Aid

Feeding Pennwoods K9 GI-Aid will lesson the gastrointestinal effects in your dog due to:
  • Stress in travel and change to water sources
  • Food changes
  • Worming
  • Heat stress
  • Eating foreign stuff (nasty outside things they should not be eating, yet can't get enough of)

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What Our Customers are Saying...

We just used GI Renew on our 11 year old black lab who had diarrhea and had made a mess of the house. We gave her a teaspoon with her meal and the diarrhea cleared up by the next morning. She loves the taste of GI Renew so much she won't eat her food without some sprinkled on top. Thanks for the product that works quickly and that dogs like the taste of. 

Michael W.